Hommage a Minette




Creation en hommage a la belle Minette de mon amie Sylvie lors de sON TROISIEME DE DISPARITION!REPOSES EN PAIX MINETTE




Somewhere in this crazy night
With all this noise, and all this light
I'm out upon the crowded street
I play the game and I keep the beat
But I'm thinking of you

And I remember the summer days
Your strength and yet your gentle ways
Now I'm back on the crowded street
Through the darker days I keep the beat

But I'm thinking of you

Through all the grey, I see skies of blue
I close my eyes cause I'm thinking of you

And I pray to god, that what we had,
We will have again someday
So I telephoned to tell you what
I'd hoped you'd like to hear me say

I'm thinking of you


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